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Can MindBody Medicine Unlock Fertility?

Medicine bottle and pills mindbody support for fertility
Can MindBody Medicine Help Unlock Your Fertility?

I’m in Melbourne and we’re currently part way through our fourth lockdown. Thanks to the wonders of modern medicine – not to mention the thousands of scientists around the world working tirelessly on a vaccine for COVID – I’m so grateful to have received my first jab and am on the way to being fully vaccinated against this insidious virus!

How can Mindbody medicine help unlock fertility?

We all get it. Medicine makes us better. We get sick, visit our local doctor or specialist and we’re given a pill to take, or cream to put on and (most of the time) – voila – we feel better or the illness is cured (or managed). Sometimes it’s not so easy.

For decades we have trusted this medical model, thinking that doctors know everything, and modern medicine can cure everything …. or close to everything.

But healing is changing and one of the reasons is our greater understanding of the relationship between the mind and the body. The truth is, MindBody Medicine SUPPORTS traditional medicine.

But how?

Have you ever slammed on the breaks when a vehicle comes too close in traffic? Or maybe someone has entered the room without you realising and frightened you? Do you remember how this felt – maybe your heart rate increased or you started sweating? These are examples of a stress response.

The mind and the body work together

You’ve likely heard the words cortisol, amygdala or adrenaline. These three words make up our stress response – also known as fight, flight or freeze – and work together to keep you safe. The amygdala is the area of your brain responsible for perceiving fear – it then works with another part of your brain (hypothalamus) to release the chemicals cortisol and adrenaline which causes the sweating and increased heart rate. It’s evolutionary and has managed to keep us alive as a species.

Simply, it is the brain (mind) and the body working together to keep us safe. Through the modern medical technology we’re now able to ‘see’ the effects of stress on our brains … and our bodies. It’s fascinating.

The stress response is supposed to be a short response to fear. It is not meant to last for days, months or even years. In short doses it’s proactive, productive and useful. In longer doses – or chronic situations – these hormones are no longer used to protect us from this threat and start to have the opposite effect – they start to impair the system – damaging internal systems and organs.

Through science we know emotions such as fear or anger can negatively affect your heart and immune system. We also know depression and stress can prevent the body from healing.

Did you know stress can impact reproduction cycle?

High stress levels can interrupt the menstrual cycle and prolonged exposure to stress has been shown to impair reproductive function.

So, how does Mindbody Medicine work? To put it simply – the mind and body work together. If the mind is in stress, the body will work to support the mind by reducing its functions.

MindBody medicine uses the power of the mind to trigger the body into healing. Most ancient healing practices used the connection between the mind and the body – but we lost our way – thinking only medicine can heal us. It is clear, however, to anyone who has pain such as back pain, that it gets worse when they are stressed.

The ‘relaxation response’ is not just relaxation

Way back in the 1970s, researcher Dr Herbert Benson, discovered what he coined the “relaxation response”. His research was able to measure how the body can actually heal itself by entering into a specific relaxation state. This state included both the mind and the body.

Modern science like brain imaging now supports this concept – and provides evidence – of the possible reversal aspects of MindBody Medicine. We can actually see how the mind can impact on bodily functions and release healing properties to where we have inflammation.

So, how does MindBody Medicine help you unlock your fertility you may ask?

  • Mindfulness – this is a key aspect of MindBody Medicine – it trains the mind to focus on the body without external distractions.

  • MindBody Medicine – supports the incredible work of fertility doctors.

Stay with me here … this is going to get a bit scientific …

According to Dr Libby Weaver “adrenaline communicates to every cell of your body that your life is being threatened, even though all you may have done is have an argument with your beloved….” (p.133, Rushing Women’s Syndrome, Weaver 2011). Stress is the body’s way to preserve its survival, and while it’s doing that, it is also sending a message that this would not be a good time to reproduce.

How is fertility affected?

Ok, let’s get technical for a minute. Ongoing stress can cause the suppression of circulating gonadotropins and gonadal steroid hormones which disrupt the menstrual cycle.

Lots of big, scientific words (nothing new for you, huh). To break it down for you – your natural cycles – menstruation and fertility – can be interrupted and damaged by ongoing stress. “Just relaxing” is a lovely idea, but not the answer. Your body needs more than ‘just relaxing’ to stop the damage of stress and start the healing process.

Unlocking your fertility

We use specific MindBody techniques as part of the MindBody Program for Fertility, to improve both your immune system and your fertility system. The effectiveness of this program prompted creator Dr Alice Domar to state “that if this program was a pill, everyone would be taking one”.

If you are interested in decreasing your stress response in your system and increasing your chances of conceiving through MindBody Medicine techniques, then let’s chat. Really, what do you have to lose? Your mind and your body will thank you – trust me.

Feeling stressed and wondering when this nightmare will end for you? Trust me when I tell you it's possible to not only survive, but THRIVE through this time ... click here to learn how.


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