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Welcome To Unlocking Your Fertility

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Welcome! We're so honoured you found us

Hello and welcome! I’m so honoured you’ve found your way to Unlocking Your Fertility Through Mindful Moments. I’ve had the pleasure of helping women – just like you – realise their dream of motherhood through the MindBody Program for Fertility. Working one-on-one with some amazing women has bought me so much joy.

Last year, in the middle of Melbourne’s harsh lockdown I heard from a previous client. Why was this message so special? Read on to find out why.

Back in 2015 I trained in the MindBody Program for Fertility with Dr Alice Domar from the Domar Centre at Boston IVF. I was one of only six people trained in Australia (with only 4 of us registered psychologists). I’m so proud to be one of the only remaining practitioners of the MindBody Program for Fertility here in Australia.

Prior to this training I spent 10 years working face-to-face with clients in my counselling practice, working through all sorts of different mental health challenges like anxiety, depression, grief and loss, post-traumatic stress and others. Initially I thought this MindBody Program for Fertility would add another string to my bow. Little did I realise this program would change my life and the focus of my work. Not long after completing my training with Dr Domar, I was speaking with a colleague of my husband about this incredible program and my excitement about supporting women struggling with their fertility through a non-invasive and mindful path to motherhood.

She listened with great interest and then told me that her niece – who at the time was 41 years old – had been trying to conceive for several years. She told me of the turmoil of unsuccessful round after round with IVF. She described her niece as being “at the end of her rope having gone through the wringer” that was infertility.

She was exhausted and fed-up with the medical system. She was desperate to try something different. Something that she would have more control over, something she could fully participate in; something that would hopefully give her an edge that had evaded her so far.

I met with her niece and we instantly hit it off! I told her all about how I saw the program as a way to Unlock Your Fertility Through Mindful Moments program – that it was a mix of mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) – and explained the research and data supporting the program. Women who participated in the program had a 52-55% greater chance of taking home a baby from hospital. In comparison, only 20% in the control group were successful in taking home a baby. This incredible success rate was the same for both natural and IVF pregnancies.

Wow! She was sold. She’d heard all she needed to hear. The catch? She lived in another state. Remembering this was pre-Covid and most of us hadn’t heard of – let alone lived our working lives on – Zoom. Receiving therapy online was almost unheard of. But, what did either of us have to lose in trying it right?

So, I got to work converting the 10 week face-to-face group program to an 8 week 1:1 virtual program. All original elements of the program were covered with an added bonus. One hour each and every week with me – a registered psychologist – all to herself.

Together we both gained so much from the program. We had flexibility with our booking times and time to connect personally. We laughed a lot, something she hadn’t done in a very long time, and we found a way through the tough times – together. She and her partner no longer felt isolated facing specialist appointments. Each and every appointment they knew they had me in their corner, and best of all, through our work together she had calmed her central nervous system and was on the way to healing her body.

Fast forward five years to last year – the year that forever changed us. This was the special message I received. She was messaging to tell me that she was going once again to try for a sibling for her little munchkin – ‘our’ little munchkin – who we worked so hard for. She was excited to let me know she was using all the strategies I had taught her. She was putting all the mindfulness and cognitive strategies in place and each time she had a doctor’s appointment she felt she had me with her – there in her head – supporting her. She knew that once again ‘we’ could create a little miracle….and we did!

She is now mum to two beautiful little girls. It hasn’t been an easy road to motherhood, but it has been a rewarding one.

By unlocking her fertility through mindful moments she now knows more about herself, her mind and her body. She has a better understanding of her relationship and she feels much calmer becoming a mother for the second time around. Such an amazing place to be when motherhood just seemed to be a dream for her!

Supporting women like you to unlock your fertility brings me SO much joy. I’m so excited to celebrate and share many more success stories like this one.

If this story sounds like you – or resonates with you – and you are ready to Unlock Your Fertility Through Mindful Moments just hit this link to find a time and let’s chat.


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