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Join Therese Sheedy for the 8 week MindBody Program for Fertility

Beginning your fertility journey is – let’s face it – stressful.

You may be overwhelmed by all of the constant information – so many scientific terms and procedures from medical teams to get your head around.

It’s a lot for your mind – let alone your body – to absorb.

And the truth is, this stress, anxiety and grief are all impacting your chances of conceiving and taking home a baby.

If you’re feeling stressed, confused and overwhelmed, you are not alone and this feeling is 100% normal and common.


We’re here to you Unlock Your Fertility Through Mindful Moments.

So how can you reduce the negative impacts of this stress of trying to conceive and increase your chances of taking that beautiful baby home?

That's where the MindBody Program for Fertility comes in.

An 8-week online course which includes 1:1 sessions with nationally registered psychologist Therese Sheedy – who was personally trained in the MindBody Program for Fertility – by its creator Dr Alice Domar, Harvard Professor and Director of the Domar Centre at Boston IVF.

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The physiology of the stress related to infertility.
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Lifestyle behaviours that could be affecting your fertility.
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The role of exercise and nutrition and how it impacts your mind and body connection.
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Mindfulness meditation skills to calm your mind and heal your body to prevent damage to your fertility cycles.

Over the 8 weeks, we will come together to:

  • Review your weekly progress report.

  • Help you learn how to save yourself from negative thought loops that place strain on your mind, body and your relationships.

  • Learn specific meditations and mindfulness techniques to calm your mind and body to enhance your chances of conceiving.

To make the program more accessible (and let’s face it, pandemic friendly) the program has been adapted to an 8 week online format.

Want to talk to us about the program?

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If you’d like to:

  • Increase your understanding of your stress responses and the impact they have on your body.

  • Increase your ability to experience the relaxation response to heal your body and prevent damage to your fertility cycles.

  • Increase positive interactions between your mind and physical body.

  • Increase your wellbeing and your lifestyle habits.

  • Enhance your self-esteem and self-worth along with your coping skills.

  • Reduce the feelings of isolation, sadness, anxiety, guilt or anger.

  • Reduce the emotional and physical symptoms of stress.

And, most importantly, increase your chance of going home from hospital with a beautiful baby then this program is right for you.

Research on the MindBody Program for Fertility in the US has shown success rates for IVF more than doubling – from 20% in the control group to between 52%-55% for those participating in the 10-week face-to-face group program. The program has also been shown to be just as effective for women trying to conceive naturally.

So, no matter where you are at in your fertility journey this program will support you.

"A brilliant program. A perfect balance of education, practical tools and emotional support - all which were equally important. I feel so much better equipped to deal with tough times now."

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Dr Alice Domar PHD is an Associate Professor at Harvard University in the United States. She has dedicated her career to researching the relationship between the mind, the body and infertility.
In 1987, she began exploring the impact of psychological distress on fertility, leading her to develop The MindBody Program for Fertility. For over 30 years, Dr Domar has taught women strategies to reduce anxiety, depression, and distress through relaxation, mindfulness, cognitive restructuring.
And I am so thrilled to be able to bring this program to you, virtually.
If you would like to know more about how to Unlock Your Fertility Through Mindful Moments please schedule a free 15 minute chat and we can talk about how I can support you through the MindBody Program for Fertility.

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