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My name is Therese Sheedy and just like you, I am many things ...

I’m a nationally registered psychologist, mindfulness meditation teacher, as well as being a wellbeing coach with a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology.


I am also trained in Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness-based Emotional Balance, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.


I’m so proud to be one of a handful of practitioners in Australia to be trained by Dr Alice Domar of Boston IVF in the United States in the MindBody Program for Fertility. Phew, that’s the qualifications out of the way.

In my life I am most proud of being a mother to my three children and grandmother to their children. My road to parenthood was a challenge for me too. After having my first child I was diagnosed with Luteal Phase Defect – for me this meant my period was within a week of ovulation – which wasn’t considered enough time to thicken the lining of the uterus and prepare it for pregnancy. My three healthy pregnancies sill baffle doctors to this day.


During my teenage years I tried meditation, but it didn’t stick. I then introduced it to my clients in my aerobics classes when I was a PT as a young mum – they loved it.  During my Post Grad year I completed a placement at a neuropsych clinic where I was part of the research team in looking at the impact of mindbody medicine for MS patients. I was sold.


Over the next 20 years I continued to train in mindfulness and mindfulness-based therapies, using these in my clinical counselling practice with clients experiencing anxiety, depression, grief, infertility and post-traumatic stress disorder.  Since the pandemic I have closed my face-to-face practice and now draw on my qualifications and skills to support women online during their fertility journey to better understand the mind-body connection – all the tools I wish I’d had.

You see, your mind plays just as big a part in your fertility as your body.


Right now, you might be feeling frightened, stressed and even grief and loss. I’ll work closely with you to teach you the (not so easy) skill of letting go, staying calm and connecting with your mind, body and your true self.


There is no need to walk this path alone. I use mindfulness as a philosophy in my own life and I would be honoured to walk beside you as you take this journey.


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Are you ready to enhance your fertility? Let’s chat to see if the program is right for you.

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