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What Is Mothering?

Autumn is time for mothers day struggle with infertility

It’s ok to not want to celebrate Mother’s Day – even with your own mother – when you’re trying to conceive.

Is it ok to want to curl yourself up into a ball and cry? YES!

It’s ok to want the world to just go take a flying leap.

It’s ok!

What exactly though are we celebrating on Mother’s Day?

What is it that defines motherhood?

As Mother’s Day approaches reminders of celebrating motherhood are everywhere – but they are so limited in their idea of motherhood and mothering. Like most things in our 21st Century life, mothering also needs redefining.

Motherhood isn’t just about giving birth – the reality is, that for many, this hasn’t been their pathway to mothering. We have adopted mothers, foster mothers, aunts who are mothers, friends who are mothers.

Mothering is nurturing. Nurturing is sharing, caring and giving. To nurture something or someone else to greater heights. Wanting them to succeed, to thrive, to know the joy of sharing their strengths. That’s what real motherhood is.

Stop for a moment though and think about how you already mother.

It may be your special relationships with nieces and nephews, or friends’ kids.

Maybe you show your motherhood through your work, volunteering or caring for elderly neighbours.

Maybe it is how you care for animals and fur-babies.

Motherhood comes in so many forms.

This Mother’s Day give yourself permission to say ‘no’ to events where you may hear words like “your turn soon”. I encourage you to celebrate though – celebrate your mothering instincts – the way you care, your selflessness and your desire to create something greater than yourself.

Don’t be afraid to own Mother’s Day for yourself – now. Our traditional understanding of what it is to be a woman was limited and held up by a patriarchal system.

Break free and dare to celebrate your innate motherhood no matter what form it takes!

We’re thinking of you, understanding you and valuing you.


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