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Fertility Facts: What You Should Know

Babushka dolls what you need to know about infertility
How much do you know about infertility?

How good is your infertility knowledge?

You thought it would be easy right? You spent much of your youth avoiding getting pregnant. Now you’re ready … and it’s just not happening.

You’re so ready – you’re financially stable, you’ve got the right support around you, and you’re ready to commit to keeping a human alive. But it’s just not happening even though it was supposed to be easy. This fertility stuff just sucks!

So now you’re searching. You’re searching for answers. Does your Google history feature questions like: ‘natural fertility treatments’ or ‘diets for infertility’ or maybe even ‘infertility supplements’?

Maybe you’ve even gone a bit out there and searched ‘how do I get in touch with my divine Goddess to get pregnant?’ Yep, you’re desperate!

Did you know that fertility rates are at their lowest in history?

Yep, you read that right. You see these days women are choosing to have fewer kids, later in life. Our mothers and grandmothers started their families much younger. This has led to lower fertility rates in the western world. Fact.

Oh, and don’t let celebrity pregnancies fool you … not all the celebrity pregnancies you read about are real – strap on baby bumps are a thing, how else do you think they get their bodies back in shape so quickly without any stretch marks? Many of these “miracle babies” are the result of IFV, surrogacy or egg donors.

If you’re googling everything you can possibly think of to find the answers, you are not alone. But, what do you actually need to know? Let me break some of it down for you:

First some fertility facts

1. You aren’t alone. Did you know approximately one in six couples struggle with infertility? Many don’t know why. The reality is, it could be female related (1/3), male related (1/3) or completely unknown or unexplained (1/3). So, you’re in good company and there’s a reason there are so many hits on your google searches.

2. Your age matters – when it comes to fertility timing is everything! We are born with a limited number of eggs and they age with us. Which means our fertility levels start dropping from about 30 – and, if you suffer from PCOS or endometriosis – it could be younger still. The sad reality is our egg quality dramatically declines from 35 and even further from 40. So timing really is everything.

3. Sperm quality also declines – yep, it isn’t just about you! Men today are producing fewer sperm, can you believe that? Some of the reasons range from obesity, to hormonal imbalances, to genetic diseases. There has even been some links to environmental toxins.

4. Fertility treatments cover a wide range of issues and success rates vary. You may be suitable for treatments other than IVF, so it is important to discuss with your doctor your concerns about fertility early. Treatment may not be as easy or as successful as you think. Many women/couples undergo several cycles before they experience success, and success is not a guarantee. Results vary so it’s important to talk with your doctor about your fertility concerns sooner than later. Women in their 30s have (approximately) a 38% chance of conceiving.

How can you improve your fertility?

1. Upgrade your lifestyle – warning, some of these will be difficult to read. Here goes with the hard truths. You’re much more likely to conceive if:

o you’re at a healthy weight;

o you’re exercising but not to the extreme, which impacts your fertility cycle;

o you reduce toxins like alcohol, smoking and caffeine.

Phew! That’s out of the way. I know it’s not easy but trust me when I tell you, being healthier does increase your fertility.

2. Managing your stress – yep, I know easier said than done right? Stress levels greatly impact fertility and can also decrease the effectiveness of your fertility treatments. Mindfulness and meditation not only reduce stress – they also have a positive impact on your body – including your fertility cycle. In fact, research has shown the Relaxation Response encourages the body’s natural healing system which supports conception.

3. Support is available – you don’t have to walk this journey alone! The MindBody Program For Fertility can help you unlock your fertility. The program is an 8 week online program with your own psychologist and meditation teacher on hand to support you. It combines Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), mindfulness and lifestyle issues.

Research on the MindBody Program for Fertility in the US has shown success rates for IVF more than doubling – from 20% in the control group to between 52%-55% for those participating in the 10-week face-to-face group program. The program has also been shown to be just as effective for women trying to conceive naturally.

Finally we highly recommend you check out the Australian Government’s amazing new resource – Your IVF Success – it is packed with information about whether IFV is the right choice for you, a success estimator and resources to help you find a clinic.

We know, this isn’t how it was supposed to be.It doesn’t have to be this way it is either.Support is available. Reach out to us if you have any questions or want to know how you can Unlock Your Fertility


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