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Five Tips To Rescue Your Life From Your Fertility Nightmare!

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Five tips to rescue your from your infertility nightmare

Do you feel like your fertility is taking over your life?

Let’s face it, infertility and fertility challenges can completely consume you. So much so, it becomes a full-time job.

You’re spending every waking hour online trying to find that one answer to your prayers. You no longer have the headspace for other problems, and at times, even other people.

Your emotions are so close to the surface that at any point you feel you could collapse crying. And all of this creates a distance between the current you, and the you you really want to be.

But … what if I told you that you *could* rescue your life? What if you could be the more normal, care-free you?

Read on for my top 5 tips that have rescued many women I have worked with … including myself!

  1. Step out of your head chatter and into your life – right here, right now. Notice when your thoughts are on a thought loop and bring yourself back to your senses – what can you see, feel, hear, smell, taste?

  2. Accept that fertility challenges bring a wide variety of emotions – fear, sadness, worry, isolation and so many others. Emotions are part of being human and you are going through some pretty difficult human stuff.

  3. Develop some go-to strategies that will nourish you and bring you joy. These are things you love to do, that help you express who you are. It might be journaling your gratitude (if so, check out my tips for gratitude journaling). [link to the other resource]

  4. Trust someone you can talk to. I know it can be difficult to find someone who will listen and not try to ‘fix’ you with suggestions like “have you tried….” Or “you should ….” Find someone is the family. A trusted friend or colleague, someone who has your back, doesn’t get sick of listening and at the same time grounds you in reality and you share fun times with as well.

  5. Self-care which includes a good sleep habit. Get up early to exercise – something every day – either cardio like walking or swimming, stretching, light weights – keep your body moving. Eat the rainbow. Laugh often. Listen to music or connect with nature. Self-care is not staying in bed, ignoring the world and … sorry … but nor is it shopping or eating chocolate (we know, we know!).

Hands down – for me – the best strategy that works over and over is my daily meditation practice. When I put the time and effort in (and some days it takes more effort than others) I find all the five points above happen much more easily. It’s like my whole self is primed for self-care, making good decisions, being more open and accepting of my emotions and trusting others.

Do you feel like you need more support? Find out if MindBody Medicine is the key to unlocking your fertility. If you still have questions and want to know if the program is right for YOU reach out and let’s lock in a time to chat.


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