speakingTherese is an energetic, engaging and knowledgeable speaker offering workshops and keynotes on Mindfulness and Meditation, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Positive Parenting and Restorative Practices.

A nationally registered psychologist, with over 20 years experience working in the field of wellbeing and resilience, workshops with Therese are always informative, easy going, fun, interactive and positive.

Using current research from positive psychology, wellbeing studies and neurobiology, you can trust that workshops and presentations are up-to-date and scientifically informed.

Mindfulness/Wellbeing Workshop or Keynote

  • Understand the principles of Mindfulness / Wellbeing / Positive Psychology and how to apply them to daily life
  • Learn how the mind works and how we can interact with thoughts more productively
  • Learn how to develop mindful relationships at home, work, with friends
  • Learn how to use mindfulness to stay focused, calm and productive
  • Informed by the latest neuroscience on mindfulness, wellbeing, gratitude and optimism

Positive Parenting Workshop or Keynote

As parents we are often juggling many things, and competing demands can mean that we are too busy to be truly present with those we love most – our family. Consequently we can feel stressed coping with day-to-day events common to families.  Our Mindfully Positive Parenting Program teaches parents how to cultivate an awareness of how they interact with their world. Learn how to pay attention to what is important and let go of what isn’t. Make changes to promote engaging and rewarding family relationships.

Mindful parenting encourages us to listen with our full attention, reducing the pressures and distractions of work and other demands. To develop nonjudgmental acceptance of ourselves and our children. To increase our emotional awareness and compassion for ourselves and our children.

Participating in our Mindfully Positive Parenting Program you can expect:

  • To develop a closer relationship with family members, especially your children.
  • Respond to situations according to your values, rather than reacting to children’s behaviour.
  • Become more compassionate and forgiving of your child’s behaviours.

Children of mindful parents have been shown to be healthier, have more positive relationships, higher school performance and are more adaptable and content.

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