counsellingSometimes the challenges of life can become overwhelming and talking to a trained professional can help.

Counselling is valuable for adults wanting to clarify difficult emotions and thoughts, gaining some insight into how they might change things in their life. Issues can include symptoms of depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, conflict, stress management, sleep disorders, workplace stress and relationship issues.

Fertility challenges one in six couples and can create major mental health issues.  Therese is one of the very few psychologists in Australia trained by Harvard Professor Dr Alice Domar in the Mind Body Program for Fertility and is now offering this program face-to-face for couples experiencing infertility.

The Mind Body Program for Fertility combines mindfulness, meditation, cognitive behavioural therapy and stress management strategies.  Lifestyle issues including weight, nutrition and exercise are also covered.  This program has been researched for over 25yrs and shows a 52-55% increase in take home baby rates for those in the program compared to 20% for those in the control groups.  The program runs over 10 sessions including two couple sessions.

Medicare rebates may be applicable.
After hour appointments are available.

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