Beginners Starter Pack

Mindfulness Meditation   – it’s just the beginning

No matter what it is that has brought you to explore Mindfulness, you have obviously seen a need in your life to find out more. I am grateful to share this journey with you. When we begin our mindfulness practice we realise just how out of tune we are with everyday living. We notice how our thoughts dominate our time and create our busyness.   We also notice how much we judge events and situations, often causing us distress.

Mindfulness is the art of deliberately paying attention to this very moment, without judgment or expectation. Paying attention is difficult with daily distractions. Paying attention without judgment takes time and commitment. While it may sound simple, it is not easy!


We often begin with our SENSES as these are the gateway to the present moment. Paying attention to our sense of touch, sound, smell, taste and sight brings our attention to the here and now.

  • Practice tuning in to your sense of touch or sound – what can you feel at this very moment? Listen to the sounds of your present without judging if you like or dislike – just tune in.

Using the BREATH to ground and calm us. When we focus on the breath we change the executive functioning of the brain, enabling us to focus, assess and make effective decisions. We can think more clearly when we are upset or agitated. Memory is also improved when we have a regular meditation practice.


  • Mindfulness has an ethical base of compassion, so tuning in to this very moment with gentleness, understanding and a willingness to be kind, is cultivated when we practice mindfulness. Embrace mistakes – yours and others – to learn more about being human.
  • Practice Acts of Kindness to increase your sense of connection with others. Push yourself to connect with people in person not just on social media or by phone.

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